What's your ultimate getaway?
Are you destined for an exciting adventure or is a serene spa-like escape by the sea more your speed? Let this vacation style quiz help you plan your next getaway
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On the weekend, what do you look forward to the most?
Relaxing after a long work week.
Having free time to spend with friends and family.
Catching up with worldly events and listening to music.
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To celebrate your birthday, what do you prefer?
A group activity, preferably outdoors, where everyone has fun.
A small gathering with my family and closest friends.
An all night affair that includes plenty of action.
Time to myself to enjoy a new book
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If your parents want to go with you on your vacation, what would you say?
If they insist.
No way! My parents would cramp my style.
No problem. As long as my parents can keep up!
Sure. The more, the merrier.
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What tourist attraction would you most likely find yourself at during a vacation?
A museum.
An amusement park.
. A ball park.
A crowded beach.
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What is the most important aspect of your hotel when you are on vacation?
. Historical attractions and landmarks.
Spa services.
How close is the nearest nightclub?
Outdoor activities in the area.
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What do you treasure most on a vacation?
The outdoors.
Meeting new people.
Time with family
Peace and quiet.
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Which activity sounds most enticing?
Finding an after hours nightclub.
Heading to an art gallery.
Getting a massage and a facial.
Learning how to ski.
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What would you rather do on a quiet afternoon?
Take a walk around my neighborhood.
Get ready for a night out on the town.
Play a board game.
Listen to my iPod.
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