What's your spirit animal?
This will show you what your spirit animal is, the mythical animal that protects you, watches you, taking care of you wherever you go.
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Which are you?
Bold and Strong
Fierce and a little Greedy
Smart and Cunning
Gentle and Caring
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What are/were you like in school?
I was smart and a bit of a nerd, so people made fun of me.
I was the popular one, everyone payed attention to me.
I was very beautiful, but i was still nice to everyone.
I was very shy and quiet, no one seemed to notice me
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If one of your friends or family members were in danger, would you save them even if it cost you your life?
I would save them even if my life was at risk. Anything for my friends or family.
I wouldn't save my family or friends at such a high risk.
I would save them if it didn't cost me my life. I don't want to die!
I would save my family, but not my friends.
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If you had a candy bar, would you share it with your friend?
I don't like sharing.
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If someone tried to steal from you, what would you do?
Punch them in the face until they fall to the ground.
Run away, hide, then call the police.
Grab a pocket knife then stab them repeatedly until they die, then walk away.
Grab a pocket knife and stab them, then run away.
Grab a fake wallet out of my bag/purse/pocket and give it to them, then run away as fast as i could.
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If you saw something you wanted more than the person that has it, what would you do?
Walk away.
Steal it and keep it.
Walk up to them and ask them if you can have it
Take it when they aren't looking, use it/play with it, then return it secretly later.
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If you were lost in a large forest with one item, what would it be?
A frying pan/pot
A bow and arrow
Nothing, i would rather gain my own resources
A dagger
A large, sturdy stick.
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What is your favorite color?
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If you had a choice to be with your best friends or with the real popular people, which would you choose?
I don't have any friends.
I would rather be a loner, i don't want to choose.
I would pick the popular people.
I would pick my friends.
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Which would you rather eat, meat or veggies and fruits?
Veggies and fruits
I would rather not eat anything.
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