What's your quick dinner style?
Busy lifestyles mean quick dinners. What types of meals do you fix for your family when you are on the go? Take our quiz and find out more about your quick dinner style.
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When it comes to grocery shopping, which of the following is closest to your routine?
You shop daily at specialty shops to get specific items you'll need for that night's dinner. .
You shop weekly at the local market, and occasionally stop once mid-week for a few fresh produce items.
. You shop at the bulk item store once a month, and stick mainly to items that can last until your next shopping trip. .
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You are on your way home and you have your daughter's dance recital in an hour. What do pick up for dinner?
You cruise through the drive-thru for burgers and shakes.
You stop to pick up food to go from your favorite fine dining restaurant.
You stop at the store for a freshly cooked rotisserie chicken and a steam bag of vegetables that you can microwave.
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When you want to order in, what do you order?
Teriyaki bowls with white meat chicken, vegetables and brown rice (sauce on the side!) from your local Chinese restaurant.
Pizza and wings.
You don't normally order in, but you heard that new gourmet restaurant has delivery.
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Where do you eat dinner?
In the car on the way to where ever you need to be.
At the dining room table using the fine china.
At the kitchen table.
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If you are on the go and must order from a quick to-go restaurant, what do you chose?
Healthy sandwiches from a place like Subway or Blimpie.
You roll through McDonald's drive-thru – the kids love chicken nuggets!
A corner mom and pop shop that makes the best gourmet wraps on the quick.
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What's your favorite quick dinner to make with the kids?
Beef tenderloin with an onion and mushroom sauce, served with rice and haricot verts. You believe kids should be experiment with their palate at a young age.
Lean pork chops with tomato sauce and mashed potatoes, which the kids love helping with
Boiled hot dogs and Easy Mac
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What is your best quick dinner trick?
Frozen skillet meals
Preparing/chopping what you can the night before to cut down on cooking time before dinner the next night
The crock-pot!
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How do you dress up a take-out or frozen meal?
By adding a fresh salad on the side with an easy homemade dressing.
By serving it with a baguette of fresh bread and fine olive oil and balsamic.
By pulling out a selection of condiments for dipping.
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