What's your mothering style?
Each mother puts her own unique spin on parenting. You might have learned from the best, or learned from experience what not to do. Take this quick quiz to see what kind of mother you are
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Do your children come to you with concerns and problems?
Yes, absolutely! We love to gab about boys and school.
Yep. I love to listen to what is hurting them and help them work it out.
Not really. They are pretty private about that stuff.
No. We pretty much keep the friend-parent identities separate.
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Your child has a big class project due in the next few weeks. What do you do to help her work on it?
I make her do a bit of the project each day. That way, when it's due, she won't be overwhelmed.
I let her take care of it on her own. It's not that I don’t care – I am teaching her responsibility.
I get information from the teacher on how to get an A on the project, then make sure my child does exactly those things.
I take her to the store to get posterboard and the most eye-popping decorations.
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When was the last time you and your child bonded?
We go to a movie of his choice on the second Friday of every other month.
I am more of a parent than I am a friend.
Within the last month
We hang out regularly.
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Your child gets into trouble at school. How do you handle ?
Talking to the principal, and later, giving my child a stern talking-to.
Taking her aside and telling her what needs to happen now.
Giving him an initial time-out and then grounding him.
Asking for her side of the story to see how it matches up.
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Your two children are fighting over a toy. What do you do?
Take away the toy and give the children something else to do
Intervene and try to help them sort it out together
Wait a couple minutes to see if they can work it out on their own
Don't worry
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What type of diapers do you use?
Disposable, but we go for eco-friendly brands.
Pre-folds, diaper covers, and all-in-ones - I have a fluffy stash to die for!
Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, etc.
We have a few cloth diapers, but we use disposable, too.
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What's the best toy in your kid's closet?
Play silks for rainy days, and a pail for making mudpies later.
Dolls for my daughter, cars for my son - something that keeps them busy.
The best toy turned out to be my smart phone.
A game we can play as a family.
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