What's your makeup personality?
Your makeup says more about you than you realize. Take this quiz to find out what your makeup routine indicates about your personality.
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What is your normal eye shadow style?
I rarely wear eye shadow.
Bright colors (like bright pink, blue or green).
A nude shade (like brown, champagne or light pink).
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How many makeup products do you carry with you everyday?
I bring my whole makeup bag everywhere I go.
Maybe a lip gloss but nothing else.
Just a few items for a quick touch up.
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Do you wear red lipstick?
All the time, I have several shades!
Maybe for a special occasion.
No way! Red lipstick looks trashy!
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What is your eyeliner of choice?
Eye shadow or eye pencil.
No liner or a light brown pencil.
Liquid eyeliner.
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What is your makeup prep before a trip to the store?
Full face. You never know who you might run into!
Concealer and lip gloss. No big deal but I want to be presentable.
None. I am not worried about impressing anyone at the store.
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How do you shop for makeup?
I love to try new, fun products.
I spend a long time looking at new things, but usually buy similar products.
Straight to my old standbys. I never even look for something new.
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Do you wear foundation?
Rarely, but maybe for a special event or when I need a little color.
I do not even own foundation
Every single day
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What shade is your mascara?
Very black
Brown or clear.
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