What's your boot style?
Take this quiz to find out what your style says about the kind of boots you should be wearing.
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Which of the below is most like your everyday style?
Strapless top, skinny jeans and sky high stilettos.
Terry cloth sweat suit and flip flops.
A sports bra, tank, yoga pants and running shoes.
A cute cami, capris and cute but practical tennis shoes.
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What is the most prominent color in your closet?
A classic, bold color like red.
Browns and greens -- they remind you of the forest.
Black -- it matches everything so I don't have to put too much time into getting dressed.
Does leopard print count as a color?
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What is your fave piece of clothing?
A pair of black skinny pants that accentuates your toned booty.
Tunic and leggings
Relaxed jeans
Your red bustier that shows off your assets.
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How often do you buy new boots?
You usually keep your boots in good condition so they can last a few seasons, but you'll splurge on a trendy yet traditional pair every few seasons.
You can't remember the last time.
Every chance you get. You really can't have too many pairs of boots.
Every few years when your old pair gets really run down.
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What does your shoe selection most look like?
An array of tennis shoes, running shoes, walking shoes (yes, they are all different!), hiking boots, comfortable flats, one pair of heels and 2 pairs of low-heeled boots.
Several pairs of flip flops and one of each of the following: high heels, sandals, and boots.
You'd have to check all your closets, but you're sure there are more than 50 pairs in total. Mostly stilettos, boots and trendy heeled sandals.
Mostly cute and casual slip ons, a few hot high heels and 4 or 5 pairs of boots of varying heel height and leg height.
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What is the longest you've ever held onto a pair of boots?
Forever. You don't go out enough to really wear out a pair of shoes.
One season. Out with the old, in with the new!
You still have a par of classic cowboy boots from high school.
You will keep your hiking boots until you wear a hole in them.
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Which of the below sound most like your weekend plans?
Meeting up with your girlfriends at a hot new nightclub where you'll dance the night away.
Heading out on a weekend hike.
Having brunch with your man and strolling around town.
Lounging in bed til noon then catching up on episodes of Jersey Shore. Lounging in bed til noon then catching up on episodes of Jersey Shore.
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