What's your beauty personality?
What do your beauty habits and purchases say about you? Take our beauty personality quiz and find out.
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How often do you blowdry your hair?
Every morning before my flat iron.
Only if I'm going somewhere special and want my hair straight.
Every morning, but I use it on a low setting.
Never! Blowdrying causes heat damage!
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What do you never leave the house without?
Mascara, a little blush and a dab of lip gloss.
Complete eye makeup and lipstick.
Full makeup -- you never know who you are going to see at the grocery store.
Lip balm.
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How many shades of lipsticks do you own?
More than I can count!
Four -- two for daytime, two for night.
None. I only use lip gloss.
None. I don't wear makeup.
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What products make up your skin care routine?
About 10 different products, both morning and night.
A bar of soap.
Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and eye cream.
Cleanser and sunscreen.
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When was your last trip to the hair salon?
Six weeks ago. My next appointment is Friday.
I cut my hair myself.
I never go to the salon. My friend is a stylist and cuts it for me -- cheap!
About three months ago. I trim my bangs myself between trips.
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What color eye shadow do you prefer?
Anything that shimmers.
Mostly browns.
I don't wear eye shadow.
Whatever suits my mood and clothes.
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How much money have you spent on beauty products this month?
Under $30 -- that's my monthly budget.
More than $100.
$40 to $50 -- I found a new eyeliner and lip gloss that I love.
Under $10 -- just for shampoo and the basics
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