What's the best swimsuit for your body?
With warm weather on the horizon, you're daydreaming of lounging poolside or basking on the beach. Bathing suit shopping, however, looms like a dark shadow over these tranquil thoughts. Find out which suits are most flattering for your body type and style.
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What is your dressing style?
Balanced. A revealing top should be paired with long jeans as opposed to a short skirt.
Modestly. You are more comfortable being covered.
Sexy. You love wearing short dresses, even to the grocery store.
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What Is Your Body Type ?
Average. You show off your favorite assets and hide the parts that are less than ideal.
Thicker. You feel somewhat self-conscious of your imperfections.
Toned and athletic. You are confident and like to show off your hard-earned bod.
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What is your bust ?
Smaller than you'd like. You have a savings account for implants.
Desirable. Your friends envy your twins.
An inconvenience for buying and wearing clothes. Nothing seems to flatter them.
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The shape of your body is like:
An "8" or hourglass. You feel proportionate.
An "A" or pear. You're heavier in your thighs and hips.
An "H" or ruler. You're evenly thin from top to bottom.
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Where do you carry extra weight?
What extra weight?
Evenly throughout your body.
In your hips, lower abdomen and in your bust.
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What do you like to go to beach?
Lie in a chair and read a book.
Walk up and down the shore: anything to meet people and get attention.
Play in the ocean.
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What part of your body would you like to change?
Tighten your stomach.
Add more curves.
Increase bust size and shrink the hip area.
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