What's the best shoe style for your body?
If you've never considered your body type when picking out shoes, it's definitely time to start. Choosing the right shoe will make your legs look longer and leaner while balancing out your figure. Take this quiz to see which shoe style is the right shoe for your body.
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How tall are you?
Above average height
Below average height
Average height
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How would you describe your muscle tone?
Lean - not very muscular
Athletic - fairly muscular or strong looking
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How would you describe your body shape?
Pear - bigger on the bottom half
Apple - bigger around the middle
Celery - not many curves
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How would you describe your feet?
5 / 7
How would you describe your ankles?
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How would you describe your toes?
Just your standard set of toes
Long and finger-like
Short and stubby
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Your go to clothing includes:
Skinny jeans and graphic Ts
Dresses and skirts that show off your curves
Classic office clothing - wide-leg pants, tailored tops and blazers
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