What's the best afternoon pick me up for you?
It's after lunch and the clock is ticking, but not fast enough. How are you going to rally your dwindling energy supply so you make it all the way to five? Here is a quick quiz to help you find out exactly what kind of afternoon pick me up will work best for you.
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What is the biggest obstacle that keeping you from being productive from now until five?
My tummy is grumbling so loudly I can't hear myself think. I’m starving.
Focusing is just so hard. My mind is bouncing off my cubicle walls.
I’m exhausted. I could crawl under my desk and take a nap
I’m so, so antsy. Staying in the office feels impossible.
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What do you normally have for lunch?
Whatever vegetarian option is at the cafeteria.
A sandwich.
I take food out from the closest fast food chain.
A salad I brought from home.
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What's in store for you tonight?
A night out on the town with a few of my closest friends and whatever new friends we meet out.
Some catch up drinks with my buddies.
Going home for quiet time on the couch.
Hitting the gym.
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If you wanted five minutes to yourself at work, what would you have to do?
Get out of the office building entirely.
Walk to the pantry fridge.
Just close my door.
I'd need to leave my desk on a mission.
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If you had an entire hour for an afternoon break, What would you do?
Squeeze in a quick run.
Read Book
Make a gorgeous fruit salad.
Do yoga in my office.
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If you were a drink, What drink would you be?
Green tea
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Let's just say your five-minute afternoon break turned into a five-day vacation. Where would you want to go?
A multi-day hike in the Grand Canyon.
A zen retreat to Thailand.
A tropical resort vacation.
A trip to Europe for great eating and drinking.
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