What your fashion style says about you?
Though clothes don't define the woman, they can certainly tell you something about her. Take our quiz to find out what your fashion style says about you!
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What do you normally wear to the office?
A business suit
A pencil skirt and ruffled blouse
Black pants and a simple sweater
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What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
Stack of bangle bracelets
Chunky beaded necklace
Pearl stud earrings
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Do you wear jeans?
Yes, all shapes - skinny, boot-cut, flared. I love jeans!
Only around the house
Yes, mostly relaxed, boot-cut style
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What would you wear to a cocktail party?
Whatever I'm in the mood to wear that day
A little black dress, of course!
A slinky mini-dress
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When going shopping with the girls, what do you wear?
T-shirt and sweat pants
A blouse and comfortable knit pants
A cute sweater and jeans
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What is your favorite pair of shoes?
Wedge sandals
Knee-high boots
High-heel pumps
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What color are most of your clothes?
A fabulous mixture of pastels and brights
Blacks, grays and reds
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