what type of person do you attract?
Do you want to know what type person is attracted by your personality? Take this quiz and find out!
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Whats your favorite store to shop for clothes?
Bass & Co.
Exxon Free T-Shirts
Saxs 5th Avenue
Hot Topic
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If your friend asks you teach her/him a subject, you…
I only guide. You must do it by yourself.
Agree but you have to do something for me instead
Reluctantly agree.
I don’t want to waste my time. I have a lot to do.
Agree if I like.
Happily agreed and dedicated teaching.
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One of your friends accidentally breaks the stuff which you love, you will
Quite angry but you don’t show it on your face.
Get angry and maybe stop talking with him/her a few days
Anyway it was broken, he/she is unwitting.
Shout loudly, but you totally forget that in 5 minutes.
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You were invited to a party of your new friend, you…
You excited and go with your close friends
So excited because i have a chance to dress up.
I'm so busy. I must finish my job
Not feel excited because you feel embarrassed to meet strangers
I prefer staying at home and do what i like
Feel extremely excited because this is a great opportunity to meet and make friend
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You and your friend are making a plan, what do you suggest?
Go for a hike in the woods
Watching movies at home
Hit the town
Find a nice place to take photo.
Go to the museum
Get some coffee and catch up on everyone's live
Do as you wish
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Be honest! Have you ever criticized or disparaged behind others back yet?
Just a few times
Many times
Of course. It's funny
No. I don’t like talk behind others back
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Normally your mood is like…
The fire, impatient and Irritable
the weather, unstable
The moon, A little melancholic and cold
The sun, always bright and cheerful
The star, sparkling and mysterious
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Describe yourself in one word....
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