what type of person do you attract?
Do you want to know what type person is attracted by your personality? Take this quiz and find out!
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Whats your favorite store to shop for clothes?
Bass & Co.
Hot Topic
Exxon Free T-Shirts
Saxs 5th Avenue
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If your friend asks you teach her/him a subject, you…
I don’t want to waste my time. I have a lot to do.
Happily agreed and dedicated teaching.
Agree if I like.
Reluctantly agree.
I only guide. You must do it by yourself.
Agree but you have to do something for me instead
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One of your friends accidentally breaks the stuff which you love, you will
Get angry and maybe stop talking with him/her a few days
Quite angry but you don’t show it on your face.
Shout loudly, but you totally forget that in 5 minutes.
Anyway it was broken, he/she is unwitting.
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You were invited to a party of your new friend, you…
So excited because i have a chance to dress up.
You excited and go with your close friends
Feel extremely excited because this is a great opportunity to meet and make friend
I'm so busy. I must finish my job
Not feel excited because you feel embarrassed to meet strangers
I prefer staying at home and do what i like
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You and your friend are making a plan, what do you suggest?
Hit the town
Go for a hike in the woods
Get some coffee and catch up on everyone's live
Do as you wish
Go to the museum
Watching movies at home
Find a nice place to take photo.
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Be honest! Have you ever criticized or disparaged behind others back yet?
Of course. It's funny
Many times
No. I don’t like talk behind others back
Just a few times
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Normally your mood is like…
the weather, unstable
The fire, impatient and Irritable
The sun, always bright and cheerful
The moon, A little melancholic and cold
The star, sparkling and mysterious
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Describe yourself in one word....
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