What type of person are you in love?
When you fall in love, who are you becoming? Take this quiz to find out.
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Where do you want to find your love?
In a wedding
At a party
At blind dating
At work
At the beach
At school
Next my door
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What is important to you in choosing boyfriend or girlfriend?
Have sense of humor
Have a lot of money
Human nature
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Which of these actions can make you touched?
Read book for me
Drying my hair while I’m reading
He/she will come immediately when he/she knows I’m ill
Help me overcome my fear
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You will give up if….
Breakup because of little things
Fighting because of little things
My parents except it
He/she have incurable disease
My parents except it
Different backgrounds
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What would you do if his/her mother give you a big money and ask you to break up?
Give it back and convince her
Tell to your lover
Take the money and break up with him/her
Leave immediately
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Choose a wedding picture that you like most...
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