What Type of Joke Should You Tell?
Not getting laughs? Maybe you need a new style.
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Who makes you laugh the most?
Other people
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Can you keep a straight face?
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You fall flat on your face in front of a big group. How do you react?
Cry and let strangers help you up.
Duck and run. Mortified.
Hysterical laughter because you're SO EMBARRASSED.
Hysterical laughter because it's SO FUNNY.
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When you tell a longish story to a group, what's most likely?
You avoid this type of situation.
You find yourself rushing the end.
You draw it out for effect, like any good storyteller.
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'That's what she said' jokes are:
Were once funny, but let's move on.
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The physical feature you're most self-conscious about is brought up in conversation. What do you do?
Laugh it off, life's too short.
Smile, but cringe on the inside.
Turn beet red and hold back tears.
Finish the joke I'm telling about it!
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When you make people laugh, is it more often:
In the comments of your latest social media post.
A group of people with you in the center.
The two people next to you that heard your dry comment.
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Do you keep up with the news?
I try.
Yes. I watch the news everyday.
Not really.
Yes. I get it all over'websites, social media, friends, etc.
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POOP! What's your honest reaction?
Uh, what?
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