What Type Of Guest Are You?
Are you the type of guest that people invite back? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Your host tells you to sit and relax after dinner rather than helping, what do you do?
Accept and kick back.
Offer one more time, then try to relax.
Insist on helping.
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You're an overnight guest and it's your last morning, what do you do?
Just leave the bed as is.
Make up the bed before leaving.
Strip the sheets and then make the bed with the comforter.
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You spill something in your friend's house and no one sees it. What do you do?
Own up to it, find your host, ask for cleaning supplies.
Clean it up as best you can, but say nothing.
Quietly walk away.
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You're visiting a friend's family and dinner's over, what are you doing?
Helping with the dishes.
Chatting with the grandparents.
Smoking a cigar with the father.
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You like to have prune juice every morning, do you tell your host?
I comment on the lack of prune juice at the first breakfast so they get some for the next day.
I tell them ahead of time.
I say nothing and drink whatever is available.
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Do you take long showers?
No, not really.
Yes, it's necessary for me.
Yes, but not when I'm staying at someone's house!
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You're staying with a friend for a long weekend, do you take on any meals?
Yes, I make sure to cook a couple meals.
I just help with the meals that my friend plans.
No, I'm the guest!
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You're going to be an hour late to a friend's house, what do you do?
Just show up when you show up, no one likes it when someone's right on time.
Text them once you're 20 minutes late with an update.
Tell them as soon as you realize so they can plan as needed.
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It's a housewarming party, what do you bring?
A handmade gift for their home.
Wine or liquor.
A party game!
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