What type of girlfriend are you?
Do you want to know what type of girlfriend you are? Answer these simple question to find out!
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Today is your boyfriend's birthday. What will you do?
Make a present that you did by yourself last week.
Go to the popular entertainment venues.
Invite him to a expensive restaurant.
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How do your friends judge him?
They have sympathy for him and a little bit envy because you have a wonderful boyfriend.
You don't have too much girlfriend. Because you would rather make friend with boys.
They don't too much about him Because you haven't go out with them since you love him.
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What will you do when he say that he have to see his friends instead of going out with you?
Beg to take you get there.
Angry and go to the movies with best friend.
Let him go. But ask him to promise to call you when he finish.
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He can't get sleep and call you suddenly. He want to talk with you. You...
Talk with him overnight.
You don't pick up because he do that sometimes and you 're sleepy.
Tell him go to sleep because it's too late. You're so sleepy.
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You and your boyfriend go to shopping. He see a beautiful dress and ask you to try it on. You...
You're willing to buy it because he like it.
refuse immediately and chose other one by yourself.
Try ot on excitedly although you know it doesn't suit you at all.
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He said love you and ask you don't tell anyone of your girlfriend. You....
Accept his reques but you also give other condition.
You said "I'm not sure".
Happily give him a nod and promise that you won't reveal it to anyone.
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When was the last time you and your boyfriend together?
He's sit here, by my side and we take this quiz together.
We have just gone to movies together three days ago.
Long time no see. 2 or 3 weeks ago.
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