What Type of Bike Are You?
If you were a bike, what would you be? Take our fun quiz to find out!
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You're traveling on a major highway, how fast are you going?
14 mph over the speed limit, just under the radar.
100 mph, my radar detector will catch the cops.
5 mph over the speed limit.
The speed limit, of course.
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The forecast is sunny and warm, how will you spend your free afternoon?
Something else.
On a patio, drink in hand.
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You're up on karaoke, what are you singing?
Something else.
Heavy metal, you like to yell.
I don't ' karaoke.
Something everyone knows and can sing to, like Journey.
Something from a musical.
Whatever is most popular on the radio.
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It's gorgeous out and you're sick! What's your reaction?
It's time to ask my friends for magazines, soup, and cough drops. I love being waited on.
None of these.
I'm stoked'movies all day long!
Sick is for pansies, I'm going out anyway.
I'm devastated that I can't get outside and enjoy the day.
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Do you belong to a gym?
No, the outdoors is my gym!
Uh, no.
Yep, I go five days a week like clockwork!
Yes, but I never go.
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Summer is coming and so is swimsuit season. What are you thinking?
None of these.
Let's go'I'm already in swimsuit shape!
I haven't worn a swimsuit in years.
Crap, I better start working out and eating better.
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What do you most like in a partner?
None of these.
Physical fitness.
Sense of humor.
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Where do you live?
Somewhere different every year.
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What were you most likely to hear at the dinner table growing up?
Ready for thirds?
Elbows off the table!
Turn the TV up, I can't hear it.
Don't eat too much, you're gettin' pudgy.
Save room for dessert.
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