What Type of Bike Are You?
If you were a bike, what would you be? Take our fun quiz to find out!
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You're traveling on a major highway, how fast are you going?
The speed limit, of course.
14 mph over the speed limit, just under the radar.
100 mph, my radar detector will catch the cops.
5 mph over the speed limit.
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The forecast is sunny and warm, how will you spend your free afternoon?
Something else.
On a patio, drink in hand.
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You're up on karaoke, what are you singing?
I don't ' karaoke.
Something everyone knows and can sing to, like Journey.
Something from a musical.
Whatever is most popular on the radio.
Heavy metal, you like to yell.
Something else.
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It's gorgeous out and you're sick! What's your reaction?
None of these.
I'm stoked'movies all day long!
Sick is for pansies, I'm going out anyway.
I'm devastated that I can't get outside and enjoy the day.
It's time to ask my friends for magazines, soup, and cough drops. I love being waited on.
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Do you belong to a gym?
Yes, but I never go.
Uh, no.
Yep, I go five days a week like clockwork!
No, the outdoors is my gym!
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Summer is coming and so is swimsuit season. What are you thinking?
None of these.
Let's go'I'm already in swimsuit shape!
I haven't worn a swimsuit in years.
Crap, I better start working out and eating better.
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What do you most like in a partner?
None of these.
Sense of humor.
Physical fitness.
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Where do you live?
Somewhere different every year.
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What were you most likely to hear at the dinner table growing up?
Save room for dessert.
Turn the TV up, I can't hear it.
Don't eat too much, you're gettin' pudgy.
Ready for thirds?
Elbows off the table!
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