What type of angel are you?
Are you a loyal Guardian, or a fierce Warrior? Take this quiz to find out. Edit: Thank you all for the support on my first ever quiz! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! LET'S PLAY!
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How's your life?
I want another chance!!!!!!!
I don't know. I get confused a lot!
Hate it! Its not fair. But that does
Oh, its wonderful!
eh. It has its ups and downs. I made some really bad choices in my life
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Do you have a religion?
Of course I do!!
I think so. Maybe. No really
yes. I'm a religious. I believe in him
yes, but I dont go to church. Is that a bad thing?
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Do you believe in angels?
No! Why are all your questions about life and death and church and what not?
Yes! I am one
Some i guess
I'm not sure
I do! I feel angels all around me, and my family, and my friends!!!!!
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How do people describe you?
Dark, mysterious, angry, loud, troublemaker, some people hate me...
Friendly, loud, lonely, guilty, disgrace, confused, sad
Sad, undecisive, shy, quiet, friendly, smiley, scared, confused, annoying
Quiet, troublemaker, shy, happy, angry at times, smart
Caring, sweet, kind, lovable, generious, happy,
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What do you want to be when you get older?
A theripist or something with the law
a ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont know yet
I wanna be famous. I wanna live my dreams!
A nurse, vet or doctor
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What inspires you most?
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What is your favorite color?
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