What Studies Should You Take Up?
7 simple questions to find out which studies best match your personality. It may surprise you a lot.
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How would you prefer to spend an evening?
Reading a book
With the one I love
At the opera
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Which is more important in an outfit?
It should be both pretty and practical.
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Which is the best decision?
The most rational.
One that is easily changed.
One that is best for all those involved.
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What appeals to you more?
Being the center of attention
Making a difference in the background.
Being left alone.
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Which would you prefer as a pet?
A dog
A kitten
An exotic bird
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Are you a people person?
If I have to be.
The more people, the better!
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What is most important to you?
Those I love.
To make a dream come true
My work
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