What Stereotype are you?
Out of all the basic stereotypes that have been established, which are YOU?
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Which one of these activities seem like one that you would be attracted to?
Playing a sport
Playing video games
Hanging in a coffee shop with friends
Listening to music
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Favorite color? Please don't kill me.
Reds and yellows
Blues and purples
Reds, pinks, and blues
Black or dark colors
Greens and black
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What do you look for in a girl/guy?
Sportiness (is that a word?)
A love for the things I love
Fashion sense
A willingness to try cool new things
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What type of movie do you like to watch?
Chick flicks/drama movies
Old movies
Horror movies
I don't really like movies
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Do you like to read?
If it's a meaningful book
If everyone else seems to like it, yes
I only really read for school
I like to read newer books that most people don't know about
If I'm interested in the book
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