What spice are you?
Which spice best reflects your personality? Take this simple quiz and find out!
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Can you describe your physical appearance?
Like everyone else
I am tall and sluggish
I am strongly built, brawny and tough
I shock a lot of people with my looks
I am tall and slender
I am short and stocky
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Where do you want to live most?
In a big city
Anywhere as long as being with my family
Near the beach
In the countryside
In a small village
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Your greatest desire is…
Having perfect family
Having respect from others
I can be totally free to do what I want
Having a perfect body and appearance
Having acknowledgement from others
To gain more wisdom
Understanding what others think
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What is worth fighting for?
For survival of my people
For love
For common benefits
For my own benefit
For freedom
For power
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Have you got a lot of good friends?
I just a few friends but they are all really good friends
I have a lot of friends but good friend? Nobody but me
I have a lot of friends but only a few really good friends
Just one
I don’t need friends
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Who do you normally go partying with?
With a big group of my friends
With my very best friend
With other people
With my partner
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