What should you make for dinner tonight?
It's nearly dinnertime again and you are totally at odds over what to fix. Sometimes it feels like the fridge is exploding with options and other times it feels like it screams at you to just dial for a delivery rescue. Well real help is here with this quiz. Simply answer these six questions to determine what you should do for dinner tonight to make your life easier and the bellies of your loved ones smile. Order up!
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What's tonight's main event?
Special event
Nice, quiet night in
Average weeknight
Busy with chores and errands
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What type of food are you craving?
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How much time do you have to make dinner?
Less than 20 minutes
I have the entire afternoon off
About an hour or so
20-40 minutes
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How many people are you feeding?
Just me
Two people
I'm entertaining a small crowd
My family of 4-8
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What's in your fridge?
The basics
A little of this and a little of that
The works
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Do you have dietary restrictions?
Yes, we shy away from meat or gluten
I like to eat healthy
No, we eat everything
No, I eat everything
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What flavors are you in the mood for?
Something rich and creamy
We like to keep it mild
Let's change it up and try sweet and sour
Bring on the spicy!
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How much time are you willing to spend on clean up?
10 minutes
20 minutes
45 minutes
5 minutes
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