What 70's Movie Are You?
Do you love 70's movies? Wish you could be in one? Find out which one best describes you.
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Which era would you most like to visit?
The 1860's.
The 50's.
The 70's.
Anytime in the distant future.
The 30's.
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Do you usually vote in elections?
Only when it's something I really care about.
No. Never. I'm just not interested.
Yes. Always.
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How would you describe the clothes you usually wear?
Classy and sharp.
They say a lot about my personality.
Comfertable and cozy.
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What do you usually buy from the concession stand at the movie theater?
Just something to drink.
Popcorn and soda.
I don't buy anything. The prices are too high. If I think I'm going to want something I'll just sneak it in.
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How do you tend to deal with people you don't like?
Try to find something to like about them.
Avoid them as much as I can.
Try to figure out why they bother me and see if there's a way to fix it.
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What toppings do you like on your pizza?
I like all the toppings!
Pineapple and ham.
I don't really like pizza.
I like my pizza plain.
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When someone tells a joke you don't think is funny, what do you do?
Nothing. I'm not going to laugh at something I didn't find amusing.
Smile and maybe tell a joke of my own.
Laugh anyways.
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When you were little, did you have chores around the house?
Occasionally. I usually tried to get out of them.
Yes. My parents wanted me to earn my allowance.
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If you could pick one actor to meet, who would it be?
Gene Hackman.
Clint Eastwood.
Robert Redford.
Harrison Ford.
John Travolta.
Diane Keaton.
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