What Romance movie would you be in?
Want to know what you're life would be like in a movie? Maybe a Romance movie?
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What kind of movies do you like?
I like Musicals and high school like movies.
Mainly romance.
I like comedies a lot.
Fantasy, romance, drama, action, maybe some comedy
I love classics, I watch them over and over again.
I like a lot of Disney movies and animated ones too.
I like pretty much anything. It all depends.
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Are you in a relationship?
It was a summer fling.
Yeah! we've been together for a while.
I have a crush. I'm still in highschool
I don't really have a interest in dating
I'm in love with him
I don't call it dating. (if you know what I mean)
Its a new love!
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What kind of person are you?
I hang around my family a lot though I don't want to.
I hang out with a lot of people, but sometimes it can be stressful.
I love singing! And I have my own group of friends I like to hang out with.
I don't really care what people think of me. I just blend in with the crowd.
I love everyone, I'm happy, and I love animals.
I'm not really social. I have some friends, but most people at school think I'm weird.
I'm normal I have my friends and others have theirs.
I'm pretty funny, if I'd say so myself
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How has your life been for you so far?
Currently I've ran into some trouble, but its kinda exciting.
My life has had up in downs, but mostly ups in till now.
Though I'm not that popular in school I'd say I enjoyed my life so far, I guess.
Hey, I have my benefits.
Its just an average life.
I love my life! I'm glad I'm alive and to be here.
Unfortunately I had a terrible accident that has happened to me.
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May I ask your age?
I'm in highschool.
Who knows?
I'm in my 20's
I'm young
Why should I tell you!?
I'm not that old
Does it matter?
I'm around 15-17.
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What do you like to do?
I like many things honestly.
I like a lot of outdoor activity.
I like everything!
I socialize a lot, but I really like my own time too
I like sailing and beach activities.
I like art
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What time would you want to be born in?
I don't know.
the early 1900's
the mid 1900's
the 1800's
Somewhere magical!
I like this time I'm in now! Thank you!
Late 1900's
I don't know. Early 2000's
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