What Position are you in a Wolf Pack?
Ever wanted to know what role you take in a Wolf pack? Could you be a dominant Alpha? Or a care free Omega? Find out what position you lay in a Wolf pack on this quiz!
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What are words to describe yourself?
Shy, smart, not very strong minded, lazy sometimes, playful, funny, kind, energetic at times, and laid back.
Curious, playful, energetic, bouncy, bubbly, funny, sweet, happy, clumsy, and mind full.
Strong, brave, confident, caring, kind, protective, serious at times, very smart, bubbly, and patient.
Strong minded, serious at times, very intelligent, demanding, brave, confident, short tempered, and can be kind or sometimes understanding.
Can be dark sometimes, quiet, thought full, imaginative. likes solitude (being alone), aggressive, sometimes, very smart, depressed, confused, and happy at times.
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What do you prize most? Or have deep feelings about?
I care about my family and friends a lot, I love fun and hanging with friends. I like my sleep, and good food. I also like to be adventurous. I also daydream too. I prize those things...maybe other stuff too.
I prize my family, wisdom, and mainly power and respect.
I deeply care about my family and friends safety, I prize strength and understanding. Power and respect may be options. I love hobbies and a few other things too.
I prize my food, my belongings, family of course and friends, I also love to have fun and just live a great life, and I care about some other things too like Winter snow ball fights and Summer swimming, and playing with the blooming flowers in Spring.
I prize and care about Me, Myself, and I.
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Role play time! You and your pack are out hunting, what are you doing during this?
Me hunt? No way, I wait and play till my food is served. I don't like hunting, I really don't like running or losing my energy. How else will I have any energy to hang out with friends and play?
I hunt alone. I am strong and skillful, I don't need help. I am an independent hunter, and proud!
I am helping, cornering the prey. But making sure I don't get hurt. Also maybe just sneak some food in my system. I do need food to live! Yum.
I am hunting with all my energy and making training useful, also giving orders and making sure everything goes smoothly. Also to bring back food for the pack back home. Pups need a good diet to grow strong.
I am hunting along, making sure no mistakes are made, and making sure that we bring home plenty of food for the rest of the pack. And I get my big fair share for my HARD work.
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You see invaders in your pack's territory...what is your reaction?
If I was to be attacked, I make sure the attacker dies in a painful death, then his or her friends run off scared, knowing my name and never showing their ugly furry faces again! I mean business, no time for me to be playing around with some amateurs.
I warn the pack and make sure they are safe, then I deal with the trespassers and make sure they never come back. I am ready to fight! I am not afraid, for my pack's safety yes though!
I stand my ground, ready for a bloody battle. Willing to die for my pack, and making sure I do something honorable and benefits me as well as the pack. TAKE DOWN THOSE Miss Fits!
I go somewhere safe with the pack, and watch the horrifying battle, that could have been me who dies! I protect the pack, I am strong but I don't deal with these wolves...
I take action immediately, and make sure they know that they are trespassing. Then aggressively take care of things if they step any closer. This. Is. SPARTA!
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Would you like to have pups of your own or care and protect other pups that are not yours?
Pups?! Maybe when I'm older! I like my play time and my one and only attention from the pack. I'll play with other pups but most likely no.
I would love my own pups, but taking care of other pups is quite easier. I get time to myself and still get to spend time with youngsters. So yes I would like my own pups, but maybe only a small 2-3 litter.
I love pups to death, I want them to grow strong and become leaders of packs. Yes, I would want my OWN pups. I would still care and protect other pups too though.
I don't need or want pups. They will die in the wilderness anyway, with their curiousness and them wondering off. What I am saying is I am not ready for a pup. So just NO.
I will don't really want my own pups, too much work and care. But it's fun to care and play with other pups that aren't mine. I like my own life with my great friends and crazy life. Maybe?
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What position do you think you will receive?
I do not know, I want to be surprised!
Let's see...
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