What Part of the Body Are You?
Are you thoughtful like a brain? A Hard worker like hands? Take this quiz to find out which part of the body you have the most in common with.
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When flying, what seat do you like best?
The middle. I'm happy sitting here and I know a lot of other people aren't.
The aisle seat. I like to be able to get up easily.
The window seat. I like looking out and it's easier to sleep there.
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What part of your body do you think looks the best?
My eyes.
My mouth.
My figure.
My hair.
I'm in really good shape.
My skin.
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You wake up in the middle of the night hungry. What do you eat for a midnight snack?
Nothing. I make it a rule never to eat anything that late at night.
Something sweet.
I get something delivered.
Whatever was left over from dinner.
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What's your favorite way to stay warm in the winter?
Lots and lots of blankets.
A nice wood fire.
Cozy sweaters.
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If you go to a mall, what's the first place you visit?
A video game store.
A music store.
The movie theater.
A clothes store.
A makeup or accessories store.
The food court.
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What jewelry do you usually wear?
As much as I can.
A ring or two.
A necklace sometimes?
Sometimes a few bracelets.
I don't usually wear jewelry.
I almost always wear earrings.
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If you could paint your bedroom any color, what would it be?
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What kind of cellphone do you have?
I don't have a cellphone.
A plain, boring old phone that doesn't do anything smart.
A smartphone.
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Where would you like to win a free ticket to?
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