What One Word Describes You Best?
No one can be summed up in just one word. Or can they? Try this simple quiz and find out!
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Other people want to
Be you.
Comfort you.
Marry you.
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Your neighbor’s house is on fire so you…
Are interviewed for the news.
Call 911 and then go over to help.
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Nothing gets between you and your…
Meditation practise.
Chocolate ice cream.
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You can see yourself…
Making a speech in front of all the employees in your company.
Taking in a foster child.
Driving cross-country alone.
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Your best friend always said you should become
A movie star.
A combat journalist.
A doctor.
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Which is more important?
Financial security.
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Someone steals your parking spot. You…
Shake your fist at them through the windshield, then drive off in a huff.
Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they’re having a hard day.
Get out of your car, confront them politely, and convince them to move.
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What sounds like the most fun?
Mountain climbing.
A glass of wine.
A roller coaster ride.
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I am happiest…
In a crowd.
With one or two close friends.
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