What Mythical Species is Hidden Inside You?
Have yoυ ever wiѕhes for a life leѕѕ ordinary, a life that waѕ legendary? Have yoυ ever wondered what kind a creature dwellѕ within yoυ..and i don't mean yoυr ordinary werewolf or vampire.
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Out of the following, which animal are you most attracted to?
Most snakes, pythons.
Wild Cats
Spiders and tarantulas
I don't like animals..
Lizards and reptiles
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Which personality is most like yours?
Provoking , unusal and slightly frightening.
Sweet, gentle, calm, pure.
Sarcastic and humours, daring. Cocky.
Strong , Calm and imaginative.
Two sided. Calm , relaxed , mysterious and ruthless.
Relaxed and calming, protective,
Evil , frightening , murderous , revengeful and scary.
Bad boy , mysterious and easily draw's people in. Calm and Inpatient.
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If you killed someone. How would you feel?
If I really ..really had to. Then I guess..okay.
Slightly hurt and guilty. But I'm not better then that..it's who I am.
I'd never..
How could someone hurt a human when we should protect one another?
Pretty amazed , God I'm impressive!
Make sure it's fun and messy.
I think it would be a rush. Interesting..Interesting.
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Who do you enjoy to hang out with?
I rather stay on my own but im still kind to people.
Other people who are like me.
The kind.
Everyone! I'm a honey..
My blades.
My enemy's..friends or family. More to learn..
Everyone! I'm a social bee.
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If you were to write a short story , what would it be about?
Romance and love at first sight
A lost soul..emo. Quite person..
Peace and Hope.
Hmm..Fashion! Glam and sarcastic powerful people!
Horror , Gore , Mystery! The bloodier the merrier!
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Pick a colour.
Gold & Orange
Silver & White
Dark Red
Soothing Blue.
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Which attracts you the most?
Thunder and Rain.
Lightning and Thunder
Soft grass flowing in the wind on a wind hill with soothing rivers.
City! The clubs and the pitch black night.
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Hair colour?
Bright colour!
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In a partner , what attracts you?
Someone who can accept how damaged I am..
Someone genuine
Someone who is as mad as I am.
They haft to be smoking hot! But I'm attracted to a challenge..
Honesty , purity and loyalty
Ahaha! You haft to be joking..Me and..and I partner?
Someone fun and easy to talk to
The Dark , Mysterious kind.
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What type of clothes do you normally wear?
Suits! Or something dark.
Casual. I prefer to wear jeans and a vest with some casual sneakers
Bright and colourful! I need to get the attention
Tight black clothing. I need to look scary and hot..
Something elegant and classy
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