What Myth are you?
What it says above
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Whats your favorite color?
I like every color really!
White, red, black, blue, brown
Any dark colors like black or wine red
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What best describes your personality?
Powerful and cruel, sometimes I'm protective over people
Secretive and dangerous
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What would you do if someone punched you?
Punch them back (DUR)
Pull a prank on them
Get them back 10 times worse
Smile secretively and walk away
don't worry, I'll get them back later
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Whats your favorite thing to do?
Pull pranks on people
Mess with peoples heads
Scare people
Go hiking or do something outside
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What's the best trait in someone?
Fooling around with people and flirting
Being Secretive
Good taste in fashion, clothes, hair, ect
Being happy
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If you had any power, you would have....
To do magic
To swim forever
the ability to shape-shift
To be immortal and strong
To Control nauture
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