What Movie Genre Are You?
9 simple questions to find out what movie genre you are.
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Are there skeletons in your closet?
I’ve got a few.
Too many to count.
Not really, I’m an open book.
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Would your friends say that you’re funny?
No, I laugh at their jokes, but I’m not on the serious side.
I’ve been known to make people laugh occasionally.
Of course, my next career will be a stand-up comedian.
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You’re spending the weekend at a cabin in the woods, do you
Plan an all-day hike, let’s see what’s out there!
Get your friends to tell ghost stories around the fire place right before bed?
Plan a healthy dinner with each person responsible for one item.
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When you read an exciting book, do you
Blast through the entire thing in one sitting, you must know what happened!
Forget to finish it.
Savor it and read slowly, forcing yourself to put it down often.
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How would you describe your current love life?
What love life?
It’s complicated
My significant other and I are very happy together.
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Have you ever been in a physical fight?
Dear me, no!
It’s not a good night without a good fist fight.
Once or twice, out of necessity.
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What’s your daily schedule like?
I keep my schedule clear so I can spend a lot of time relaxing.
I like to stay as busy as possible, from one thing to the next!
Structured and planned, but not too busy.
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You hear a piece of juicy gossip, what’s your next move?
Keep it to myself, I try not to contribute to the rumor mill.
Tell a trusted friend, or two.
Call everyone I know, this is too good not to share!
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
That’s ridiculous
I’m not sure.
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