What Member of Pentatonix are you?
If you love PTX, this is the quiz for you! Title says it all! ^^
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Who is your favorite member of PTX?
Kevin Olusola
Scott Hoying
Kirstie Maldonado
Mitch Grassi
Avi Kaplan
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What kind of onesie would you wear?
Nananananananananananana Batman!
A Bear!
I don't like onesies.
I could not see myself wearing a onesie.
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What's your personality like? (Just pick one that's closest to you!)
Crazy, funny, weird, confident, sweet
Cheerful, crazy, fun, caring,
Fun, serious, cool, hard-working
Serious, professional, quiet
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How would you style your hair?
Usually curl it. Occasional braids, straightening, or maybe even dye it if I'm feeling a change
Comb the front upwards and leave the rest of my hair how it is and somehow I am able make the front look cool
Just keep it simple; leave it how it usually is.
Part my hair to the side and comb it all back behind my ears or usually wear a beanie with the hair on the bottom sticking out
Keep it straight and part all of it to one side, with bangs flying in my face sometimes
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Favorite song PTX has covered? (These are like totally random songs!)
Evolution of Beyoncé
Carol of the Bells
Evolution of Music
Daft Punk
Say Something
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Best youtube channel?
Kevin K.O. Olusola
SUPERFRUIT! (Da best! #scomiche XD)
Avi Kaplan (Tbh, I never knew he had a Youtube until I looked it up XD It only has like 4 vids on it though!)
No Youtube channel!
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If you were in an accapella band, what part would you sing?
The beatboxing/percussionist
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