What Member of Pentatonix are you?
If you love PTX, this is the quiz for you! Title says it all! ^^
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Who is your favorite member of PTX?
Avi Kaplan
Scott Hoying
Kirstie Maldonado
Mitch Grassi
Kevin Olusola
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What kind of onesie would you wear?
I could not see myself wearing a onesie.
I don't like onesies.
A Bear!
Nananananananananananana Batman!
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What's your personality like? (Just pick one that's closest to you!)
Crazy, funny, weird, confident, sweet
Cheerful, crazy, fun, caring,
Serious, professional, quiet
Fun, serious, cool, hard-working
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How would you style your hair?
Part my hair to the side and comb it all back behind my ears or usually wear a beanie with the hair on the bottom sticking out
Usually curl it. Occasional braids, straightening, or maybe even dye it if I'm feeling a change
Keep it straight and part all of it to one side, with bangs flying in my face sometimes
Comb the front upwards and leave the rest of my hair how it is and somehow I am able make the front look cool
Just keep it simple; leave it how it usually is.
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Favorite song PTX has covered? (These are like totally random songs!)
Carol of the Bells
Daft Punk
Evolution of Music
Evolution of Beyoncé
Say Something
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Best youtube channel?
Kevin K.O. Olusola
Avi Kaplan (Tbh, I never knew he had a Youtube until I looked it up XD It only has like 4 vids on it though!)
No Youtube channel!
SUPERFRUIT! (Da best! #scomiche XD)
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If you were in an accapella band, what part would you sing?
The beatboxing/percussionist
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