What medieval girl are you?
Are you a Princess, a peasant, a knight, a rouge, or a wealthy
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If you saw someone drop all there stuff they were carrying what would you do?
Uh pretend I didn't see it happen
immediately help him/her
it depends on who dropped their stuff
Help the person up but steal one of the things they had with out them looking
hesitate but help him/her after a minute
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How would people describe you?
Popular and Lucky
Honest and Brave
Nice and Hardworking
Pretty and Rich
Rude and disgraceful
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Where do you live?
in a hut
A castle
someplace hidden
A big house
a nice sized house
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If a prince rode near you and looked at you what would you do?
talk to him
Try to assassinate him
Smile at him
do something stupid like trip
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If you heard the castle and village was going to be under attack what would you do?
Have the highest level guards protect you
Run away to saftey
Get ready to risk your life in the dangers of war
Help the attacking team
Lock yourself in a basement
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What is your favorite color?
Black or gray or brown
any color
Pink or purple
Gold or Silver
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