What mask do you wear?
Most of us wear masks. So what kind of mask do you wear? Take this quiz to find out!
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If you won lottery what did you do?
Check out again carefully
Run to home and tell to my family
Keep silence, just rejoice inwardly.
Scream out loud
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When you’re going to buy something you usually…
Just buy it
Ask the shop assistant
Ask the person who experienced
Search it on the Google
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If your friend had bad breath, you …
That’s his/her business
I tell to him subtly.
Ask other friend tell to him/her
Give him/her the chewing gum
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If you won a scholarship of great college by change, what did you do?
I won’t take it
Take it. It’s free
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Do you ever wish you can go back to the past?
No. I want to forward to future.
Yes. I want to right the mistakes.
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With you, a close friend is…
Trust each other
Can share everything
Respect and care
Being with you whenever you need
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