What Manicure Suits You Best?
Have you ever wondered which nail polish matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out!
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Vacation time is approaching. Where are you going?
The city
The beach
Near nature
Somewhere historical
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It's your birthday! Where are your friends taking you?
The mall
The theater to see a play or musical
A nightclub
Out to eat
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You have a special event to attend and you bought a new outfit. What are you wearing?
A classic little black dress
Something vintage
A pop of color
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You want to take a trip to the city, but which city will you choose?
Los Angeles
New York City
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What is your favorite way to exercise?
Shopping is my exercise
In a gym
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You need your own space to think. Where do you go?
Somewhere outside
A quiet coffee shop
Somewhere to watch a movie or read a book
My room to rest
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What were you doing most often in high school?
Practicing a sport
Rehearsing the class play
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You just won $2000. What's your first plan of action?
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It's Sunday morning. Where are you?
Recovering from Saturday night's activities
Working out
With family
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