What makes you attractive?
We all wondered as to how attractive we really were.
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What’s the first thing are you worry about in the morning?
Get stuck in traffic
I'm not worry about any things
I worry about things that are going to happen during the day
What am I going to wear today?
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What do you find yourself getting compliments on?
How lovely your eyes look
On how you carry yourself
How nice/awesome/insert personality trait you are
How nice my outfits look
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What traits shine brightest when finding the right guy?
Someone who is bold, striking, and maybe a bit of what you say bad
Someone who is reserved, sweet, and all around adorable
Someone who is humorous, playful, and fun to hang around with
Someone who is flirtatious, mysterious, and keeping you full of question Someone who
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What type of date do you dream about?
Romantic candlelit dinners/ Picnic under the stars/ Romantic dancing
Movie night/ Fast food or Junk food/ Video Games
Prepare the dinner by yourself with flower and candle
Go out for coffee/ Cuddling under the blanket/ Sharing your secrets and desires during the night
Any date leading us into kissing sessions works for me
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What is your favorite color?
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What do you look most forward at the parties?
Exposing my uber threads at the party
Having fun time with my friends
Flirting with the cute guys/girls that will be there
Getting to try out different male up looks
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How do you describe about yourself?
Reserved, mysterious and warm heart
Flirtatious, outgoing and a social butterfly
Laid back, carefree and humorous
Unique, bold and responsible
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All your friends decide it’s time to go to a nude beach, would you go with them?
I have to think more
Nope. I like clothes
I have to ask my parents
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