What Kind of Soul Are You?
Everyone has a soul, but what kind of soul do you have? Take this quiz to find out what soul type you are!
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What's your favorite movie genre?
Spirituality or Motivational.
Comedy. I love to laugh!
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You're in the checkout line with a cart full of groceries, and the person standing behind you only has one item, a pack of gum. What do you do?
I'd strike up a conversation with them and eventually offer to pay for their gum.
I ask them if they'd like to cut ahead of me, of course.
I don't understand. What do you mean, what would I do? I'd pay for my things and leave. I got there first, right?
Honestly, I'm lost in thought a lot and would never notice them in the first place.
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Your closest friend is having a party. You are most likely to be found...
Staring at my phone and counting the minutes until I can go home.
At the bar, serving drinks as bartender.
Outside on the patio, having a friendly debate with a few friends.
Keeping an eye on things to make sure there's no trouble.
Starting a game of Beer Pong.
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What's your favorite time of year?
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You're at a job interview and it's going well. You know you're going to get hired, but you're suddenly realizing that you would hate the position. What do you do?
I continue with the interview. I can decide to accept or not at a later date if they offer me the job.
I begin acting crazy and unprofessionally, to blow the interview on purpose.
I immediately start outlining my experience in other areas, and how perfect I'd be for a better position within the company.
I stand up and shake the interviewer's hand, explaining that I've changed my mind. Then I leave.
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You're taking summer school classes and the campus is miles away. It's dreadfully hot outside, too hot to walk or take the bus, and your car AC doesn't work. Your new roommate's car keys are right there on the hook, and she's in Prague for the summer. What do you do?
I take her car to school everyday and enjoy the cool ride. I'll confess if she even notices.
I sweat the whole way to school everyday in my own car. I'm not shady.
I quit my class and spend the entire summer hanging out in my cool, comfortable apartment. I don't need the extra credits, anyway.
I convince a friend to pick me up and take me to campus everyday in her cool, air conditioned car.
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You made plans with a friend to go to the art museum this afternoon. You're feeling lazy today and want to cancel on him. What do you do?
I suggest that we skip the art museum and watch YouTube videos about the artists at my house instead.
I call him up and tell him point blank that I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go anymore.
I down a red bull and get ready to go. It's the art museum! No way I'm missing that!
I turn off my phone and pretend I'm not home. I'd rather avoid the situation than make up a crappy excuse for why I can't go.
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Choose your favorite ancient civilization.
Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Greece.
The Aztec Empire.
The Vikings.
Ancient China.
Ancient Rome.
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Which of the following cities can you most easily see yourself living in?
Paris, France.
Los Angeles, California.
Seattle, Washington.
London, England.
Sydney, Australia.
Dallas, Texas.
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