What Kind of Shopping Is Best for You?
Shopping is an art, what's your style?
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You have some free time in the morning before you start your day. What are you doing?
Checking email
Surfing the web
Free time? What is that?
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You are cooking dinner when your stove stops working. What do you do?
Abandon dinner and get something else to eat.
Google it!
Figure out what is wrong and fix it yourself.
Call someone to fix it.
None of the above
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It has been a long day with a few disappointments. How do you relax?
Create something.
Stay at home.
Go out with some friends and forget about it.
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In high school, people described you as a:
Teacher's pet
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It's Friday night! What are you doing?
Bingeing on Netflix
Making dinner
Eating dinner out
Bar hopping
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You're at the gym. What's your move?
No need for a gym! I do activities outside.
Treadmill. Eye on the prize!
Whatever happens, happens.
The couch ... at home
I make up my own exercises.
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What do you like to read?
Books you've probably never heard of
The Internet
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You need some new shoes. What do you do?
Keep wearing the old shoes until they truly fall apart.
Search online of course!
Head to a shoe store the next time I'm out.
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You need a last-minute gift for someone. Where do you get it?
I head to a store and quickly find the perfect gift. Score!
Go out and find something at a local shop.
I make my own gift.
Expedited shipping!
I can't decide ... so gift card it is!
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