What Kind of Parent Will You Be?
Do you look forward to the day you'll have kids? Take this quiz to find out what kind of parent you'll be when that day comes.
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When you were little, what was your favorite children's show?
Barney and Friends.
I didn't really watch TV.
Sesame Street.
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How many children would you like to have?
Three or four.
Five or more. I love large families.
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What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?
A doctor.
A parent.
An actor or singer.
A dancer.
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If a little boy was misbehaving while his parent wasn't around, what would you do?
Nothing. It's not my child.
I'd scold him and get him to stop whatever he was doing.
I wouldn't stop him but I would tell the parent later so they could punish him.
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Did you do any babysitting in high school?
No. I was never interested in looking after other people's kids.
I did it occasionally.
Yes. I was the most popular babysitter in my area.
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Who is your favorite children's book author?
Dr. Seuss
E. Nesbit
Lewis Carroll
Roald Dahl
Lucy Maud Montgomery
E. B. White
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If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you want your children to grow up?
Wherever their parents can find a good job. Happy parents mean happy kids.
Near Disneyland. Can you think of anything more amazing?
Overseas. Think of how much they could learn from other cultures!
Near their grandparents.
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What kind of names would you like to give your children?
Something normal and common. I don't want to give other kids a reason to tease them.
I'd want to use names that are important to my family and mean something personal to me.
Something different and unique. I'd want to give them names that will help them standout.
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At what age do you think children should be allowed to have a cellphone?
In high school.
By grade school at the latest. This is the 21st century.
They can have one whenever they want. As long as they can pay for it.
They can have a cellphone once they leave for college.
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