What Kind of Mom Are You?
Have you ever wondered what your style is when it comes to being a mom? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Your babysitter bails and you have a pedicure planned. What do you do?
Find a new babysitter and still make it to your appointment on time.
Cancel the pedicure.
Take your kids with you to the salon.
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Your partner plans a play date with a woman you really don't like and asks you to take him/her. What do you do?
Go with your partner. Maybe it won't be too bad, and play dates are good for your child's development.
Suck it up and take your kid. The other mom may drive you crazy, but your kid loves play dates.
Send your partner and use the time to get a massage.
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Your partner really wants you to come to an important, fun work retreat with him, but you'd have to miss the dance recital for your kid's class. How do you handle it?
Divide and conquer'you go to the recital, your partner goes to his retreat.
Send grandma to the recital with a video camera, and go to the retreat. There will be other recitals.
Go to the retreat, but arrange to come back early so you don't miss the recital.
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You're planning your next family vacation. Where do you want to go?
Someplace the kids will really enjoy'Disneyland, anyone?
Someplace intellectually stimulating'you want your kids to start soaking up European history and culture as soon as possible.
Someplace relaxing and comfortable'Hilton Head, maybe.
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Your child develops a sudden fear of the dark. What do you do?
Head to the library immediately to read books on how to cure it.
Let your child sleep in bed with you.
Spend more time with your kid around bedtime, let him/her know how much you love them, and get a nightlight.
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Which famous parent do you feel you most resemble?
Denise Richards'you're caring for your own kids, and you end up caring for your family's kids, too. And you manage to have a career somewhere in there!
Kate Middleton'your children are the princes and princesses of your life, and you work hard to make sure they have the best childhoods possible.
Angelina Jolie'you've got it all (a career, great kids, a strong family life, and the man of your dreams)
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Your kid wants to start wearing 'big kid' underwear but he/she still has accidents. What do you say?
Give it a try. You'll be there at bathroom time to help.
Transition to pull-up diapers. It'll feel like big kid underwear, but you'll have backup.
No. You don't want to be cleaning up messes.
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What do you usually offer your kids to drink?
Anything spill-proof.
Water. It's the healthiest choice out there.
Something fruity and fun.
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What's your favorite kind of show to watch with your kids?
A funny cartoon.
A learning program like Reading Rainbow.
A classic like Sesame Street.
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