What kind of magic do you have?
Take this quiz to find out what kind of magic you have.
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What describe you the most?
Silly, funny, friendly
Shy, clumsy, kind
Kind, friendly, strong
Cool, clever, cold
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What kind of power do you want to have?
Read people’s mind
Being invisible
Controlling air and fly
Controlling space and time
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Do you have many friends?
I have some. But I’ve always stick together with my besties
Yes I have but I’m not really popular though
No really. I don’t really need friends
Yes, I love them. They’re all nice to me
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Who do you want to be your alley?
My childhood friend
I don’t need anyone to be my alley. I prefer do things alone
My friends
My siblings
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What is your weakness?
I always keep everything by my self
I have difficulty for being serious
I’m too easy to tease
I hate to admit my mistakes
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If everyone on the earth disappeared but you, what would you do?
I’m bored to die
I’m gonna do what I wan
Goes to the closest store, take everything I want
Cool! I’m gonna have so much fun
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