What Kind of Lover Are You?
What kind of lover are you? Take this simple quiz and find out!
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Love is like…
A game.
An expensive steak dinner.
A warm, well-worn sweater.
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When we, as a couple, are confronted by another attractive person…
I take great pains to reassure my lover.
I’m pretty indifferent.
My jealousy is easily aroused.
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It’s your lover’s birthday. You…
Suggest dinner and a movie.
Organize a surprise evening at home. You buy wine, make dinner, and give him or her a massage.
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Your lover has had a bad day. You…
Give him or her a long hug, with the hope you can turn it into something more distracting.
Settle down on the sofa with him or her for a long chat about what happened.
Tell him or her to go for a walk.
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I need my lover to…
Be very sexual.
Take out the garbage.
Tell me he or she loves me every day.
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If I don’t feel like having sex but my lover does…
I offer him or her a quickie that satisfies him or her, but not me.
I pretend I’m asleep.
I try really hard to get into it and then I usually end up enjoying it.
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Sometimes the way I act around my lover can make me feel like a
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What’s most important?
Financial support.
Sexual chemistry.
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Your lover… Wait a minute. Which word do you prefer?
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