What Kind Of Life Partner Are You?
Does your style of love truly stand the test of time for your partner, or are they looking for something else altogether?
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What is your morning routine?
Wake up, make us both breakfast and coffee, get them out the door to work, and then worry about myself.
I just worry about myself in the morning honestly
Depends on if we bickered last night or not
Sleep in, my partner knows better than to wake me up before they leave for work!
We don't live together yet but texting my sweetie is always the first thing I do in the morning.
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What is one piece of advice you wish you could give to your younger self?
Once a cheater, always a cheater, don't take them back!
Be your own best friend.
Always give a second chance, because sometimes people do change.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Stay single!
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Your partner has to cancel your date night plans at the last minute - so last minute that you just sprayed the make-up setting spray to finish your look. How do you handle the sudden change of plans?
Get pretty angry, and don't try to hide it
Send a sexy selfie and say you're going out anyway, and mention where they can find you
Go out on the date, but by yourself
Feel a bit miffed but decide to call your bestie instead, no point wasting makeup!
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Which best describes your personality on a bad day?
Glass is broken on the floor
Glass half-full
Glass half-empty
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Today, right now, what is the most important quality in a mate?
Emotional connection
Someone who completes me
Financial stability
Sexual attraction
Moral support and encouragement
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What is your opinion on cheaters?
I would only ever do it as revenge if I caught my partner doing it.
I would never, ever consider it under any circumstances!
If you aren't getting what you need in a relationship, it's fair game to look elsewhere, as long as you don't hide it
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You notice a strange person commenting on your partner's selfies more than you're comfortable with. What is your reaction? BE HONEST!
Message the person right away saying to back off.
Ignore it altogether, we have real trust so I don't get upset about things like that.
Snoop into their messages to see if they have been chatting privately.
Ask your partner about it immediately
Stew over it a but but then finally ask about it when it becomes obvious to them that something is upsetting me.
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What is your favorite day of the week?
I live for the weekends
Any day is a great day as long as I and my loved ones are happy and healthy
Monday because it's a whole new start
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You're not single but a REALLY attractive new co-worker has been sending you signals, and strong. What's your reaction?
Strike up a conversation because you think you might be able to just be friends at the very least.
Secretly love the attention, but don't egg it on at all, and make sure to be very professional around them.
A little harmless flirting is fine if it makes the work day easier!
Become a little withdrawn at the thought that if someone is flirting with you like this, then it probably happens to your partner a lot too.
Don't let it come into your thoughts, it's a form of infidelity to entertain advances like that.
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