What Kind of Job Describes You Best?
If you were a job, which one would you be? Find out now!
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You're getting married and need to start planning your wedding. Where do you start?
I hire the best wedding planner I can afford, and plan a meeting to brainstorm ideas and implement a plan of action.
LOL, that's hilarious! I'm never, ever getting married.
I get out my planner and start creating a list of things to do. Nobody can plan a wedding better than I can, especially my own!
I call my friends and ask them for opinions and advice on everything from venues, bands, cakes, wedding planners, etc.
I procrastinate and then pull it all together at the last moment.
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You're having a small dinner party and your best friend just canceled on you at the last minute without an explanation. How do you react?
Unacceptable. I call him or her back and convince them to come. I don't accept no for an answer!
I am disappointed, but I trust them and assume that he or she must have a good reason for not coming.
I feel great! It will give me a chance to get to know the other guests better.
I'm furious. We had plans. He or she owes me a good explanation for ditching me at the last minute.
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Which of the following is your favorite sport or activity?
Tennis. I love competition, but don't do well in team sports.
Basketball. I love fast-paced team sports.
Soccer. It's all about strategy and the team.
Skydiving or rock climbing. I love taking risks.
Triathlon--I like variety!
Cross-Fit. I love building strength and self-esteem with a tight-knit, supportive group of people.
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You're going to a live concert. What would you most likely be going to see?
Tony Robbins, or another motivational speaker.
My favorite singer or band in the world. I wouldn't waste money on anyone else's concert.
Whatever band or singer is the most popular at the moment!
A Broadway show or Cirque du Soleil. I love grand, well-thought out productions.
Something underground and hipster that you probably have never heard of.
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Which genre or category most closely describes the last book you read?
I start a lot of books in a lot of genres, but don't finish them. I don't remember!
Contemporary or classic literature.
A book of collected short stories or essays.
Bestselling fiction novel.
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How do you usually decide what to eat for dinner?
I check the calender to see what I have planned for today, then pull it out from the freezer.
I run to the store and buy just enough ingredients for that night's dinner.
I choose a restaurant or take-out and order whatever I feel like eating at the moment.
I buy groceries at the beginning of the week and then decide on something based on what I have.
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What do you listen to in the car?
Indie music.
A carefully selected and personalized playlist of my favorite songs.
Top 100!
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You're going on vacation. Where would you most like to visit?
Tahiti and French Polynesia.
The United States of America.
Any of these places! I can't choose!
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