What Kind of Job Describes You Best?
If you were a job, which one would you be? Find out now!
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You're getting married and need to start planning your wedding. Where do you start?
I get out my planner and start creating a list of things to do. Nobody can plan a wedding better than I can, especially my own!
I hire the best wedding planner I can afford, and plan a meeting to brainstorm ideas and implement a plan of action.
I procrastinate and then pull it all together at the last moment.
I call my friends and ask them for opinions and advice on everything from venues, bands, cakes, wedding planners, etc.
LOL, that's hilarious! I'm never, ever getting married.
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You're having a small dinner party and your best friend just canceled on you at the last minute without an explanation. How do you react?
I'm furious. We had plans. He or she owes me a good explanation for ditching me at the last minute.
I feel great! It will give me a chance to get to know the other guests better.
I am disappointed, but I trust them and assume that he or she must have a good reason for not coming.
Unacceptable. I call him or her back and convince them to come. I don't accept no for an answer!
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Which of the following is your favorite sport or activity?
Soccer. It's all about strategy and the team.
Skydiving or rock climbing. I love taking risks.
Triathlon--I like variety!
Cross-Fit. I love building strength and self-esteem with a tight-knit, supportive group of people.
Basketball. I love fast-paced team sports.
Tennis. I love competition, but don't do well in team sports.
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You're going to a live concert. What would you most likely be going to see?
Whatever band or singer is the most popular at the moment!
My favorite singer or band in the world. I wouldn't waste money on anyone else's concert.
A Broadway show or Cirque du Soleil. I love grand, well-thought out productions.
Tony Robbins, or another motivational speaker.
Something underground and hipster that you probably have never heard of.
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Which genre or category most closely describes the last book you read?
Contemporary or classic literature.
Bestselling fiction novel.
I start a lot of books in a lot of genres, but don't finish them. I don't remember!
A book of collected short stories or essays.
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How do you usually decide what to eat for dinner?
I check the calender to see what I have planned for today, then pull it out from the freezer.
I buy groceries at the beginning of the week and then decide on something based on what I have.
I run to the store and buy just enough ingredients for that night's dinner.
I choose a restaurant or take-out and order whatever I feel like eating at the moment.
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What do you listen to in the car?
A carefully selected and personalized playlist of my favorite songs.
Top 100!
Indie music.
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You're going on vacation. Where would you most like to visit?
The United States of America.
Tahiti and French Polynesia.
Any of these places! I can't choose!
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