What kind of friend are you?
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Take the quiz and find out what type of friend you really are!
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Describe briefly your personality:
Friendly , Out going and good communication
Emotional,talk with friends whenever you are in trouble
Dependable, Sincere and always interested in people
Careful , picky and idealistic
Cheerful, easy going and always create fun for everyone
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When do your friends usually call you?
They usually call you no reason at all
Not seen you for a long time and want to know how you are
Anytime they want to go out
When they are in trouble and need your advice
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Where are you and your friends hanging out on weekend?
A familiar cafe and chatting together
Going to the cinema to watch a new movie
A picnic trip in the suburban
Cooking a delicious meal in your house
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If your friend tell you a secret, Could you keep it to yourself?
Of course, I’ll not tell anyone
It’s hard for me to keep things in, but I try.
Probaly not because I'm not good at keeping secrets
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When you reminisce about memories of your group, what do you usually talk about?
Our love stories
The crazy things we did when we were young
Times we traveled together
Memories from childhood
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Your friend gets a good job, with more income and a better job title, how do you feel?
Pleased for her, she deserves it and if you try more hard, your time will come
You could’nt conceal your envy of they
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You meet most of your friends...
On social networking sites like Facebook.
At work or in school.
When you are participating in activities or out in the world.
Through family or other friends.
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When you go out with a group of friends, you are the:
Center of attention
Pretty one
Funny one
Outspoken one
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How do you like to spend your free time?
Sleeping all free time
Chatting with your friends
Going out with your friend and do everything together
Reading book
Staying at home by yourself
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