What kind of friend are you?
Every woman needs a friend, but not every woman knows how to be one. Some find it easier to be a hands-off Hannah, while others crave a Sex and the City-style close-knit gaggle of gal pals. Which are you? Take our quiz and find out.
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Your closest work friend gets a big promotion -- ahead of you. How do you react?
Your envy allows you only a terse "Congratulations." It's not like she's your friend anymore, anyway -- now she's your boss
You take her out to lunch yourself and then help her pack and move her desk
You sign the department congrats card, attend the department lunch, and chip in for the flowers.
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You're trying to plan a girl's weekend someplace fun. How is the planning going?
Great! You set the whole thing up with exactly the location, activities and features you prefer. If they don't like it, too bad -- they should have taken on the responsibility of planning.
You're begun an email list, polled everyone on locations, dates and activity preferences, and are collecting deposits. This trip will be so much fun!
You sway the group towards a beach weekend because you have the best body, and will look fantastic in comparison.
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A good pal wants to borrow your favorite pair of slingback pumps for a super-important event. What do you say?
Say of course and bring them over, in the box, right away.
Agree, but then forget to give them to her by the appointed date.
Lie and say you snapped a heel -- if she wants awesome shoes, she can buy them herself.
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What is your favorite part of a friendship?
Borrowing her clothes.
Having -- and being -- a confidante.
Having a built-in dinner date on Wednesday nights.
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You're throwing a dinner party. Who do you invite?
You carefully plan the guest list, pairing off the seating arrangements by interests and who would have the best conversations with each other.
You don't throw dinner parties; you only go to those thrown by others.
The hottest guys you know, but only women whom you think are less attractive than you are.
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When you reminisce with your friends, what do you usually talk about?
The stupid things we did when we were young.
Memories from childhood.
Times we traveled and went on adventures..
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What should you do on your first date?
Introduce him to the gang as soon as it is appropriate. s.
Don't introduce him(her) to your friends. You don't want him to be more attracted to one of them instead of you.
Get wrapped up in your world of romance and forget about your friendships.
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