What Kind Of Fantasy Character Are You?
Do you ever imagine yourself as something strange? Inhuman? If so, take this quiz and find out what kind of fantasy character you should be. I'm not talking vampires or were-wolves. I'm talking demigods, magicians, devils, dragons, that kind of stuff. So let your imagination run wild with this quiz!
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What kind of color do you like?
Maybe blue, or yellow
Something dark and neutral, but not angry or sad
Silver of gold
White, hands down
Red or black
Dark red, no doubt
Gold or beige
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What's your favourite time of day?
Around twilight
Anytime at night is suitable, just so long as I can be left alone
Anytime in the evening, preferrably just at the end of sunset and when the moon is just visible
Mid day when the sun is at its best!
The afternoon, I love it!
Early in the morning is nice
Midnight, when the moon shines brightly
Let's say one or two in the morning, or anytime after while it's dark out
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What's your favourite weather?
Partially cloudy, so that the clouds move on and off of the sun, creating variety
Clear skies is preferable
. I'd say partially cloudy where the only cloud is just covering the sun. (And no, I don't like the sun, it's too bright!)
Sunny, bright and perfect!
Rainy, maybe even humid, so long as I get some fresh water.
I don't entirely care, though if I had to say, partially cloudy with occasional sunlight at a light breeze.
I don't mind any whether, the earths needs the variety given to us
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What's Your Favorite Element?
Water, hands down
I'd have to say time, the way it orbits around us so freely and carefully.
Light, no question about it!
Flowers and plants, the things I care about most!
Air, probably, unless moonlight counts
Energy, that's for certain
Earth, our natural resource
Darkness, without a doubt
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What's Your Best Quality?
I try not to show it, but I am actually fairly smart.
. Oh, I don't know, I am such a perfect angel! Hehehehe!
I am clever and bubbly
Well, some of my friends say that I ccan do no wrong.
I try to consider everyone as equals, meaning that I am not better than anyone else at any one thing.
I have a will to defend anyone I care about, it is my honour and obligation
I set a good example for the younger society.
I can take care of myself, and don't you dare object!
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What Is Your Worst Trait?
Uhm, Maybe the fact that I don't know the answer to this questio
Well, I'm not entirely sure but I think I intimidate some people.
. I'd say my influence on people can sometimes be a bad thing, as well as the fact that I get very envious of people who are better than me at stuff.
I'd have to say my abnormality, though I can sometimes be a bit stubborn
. Eh, Maybe I just need to work on being slightly less rude and controlling me temper
Well, I am not very punctual and I do sometimes get lost in thought, as well as waste time a LOT.
Maybe I'm a bit careless sometimes, and I hate it when people tell me what to do
Back off, you nosy bonehead!
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If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
Well, I think it'd be pretty cool to excavate an underground tunnel.
Well, if the sky is an option, then..
Well, I think up in the mountains would be okay, or in the trees.
I'd love to roam around freely in a giant grassy valley full of flowers.
A desert, warm and beautiful
The sea, that's my home!
Definetely in some kind of forrest home with all natural resources.
Some exotic place in europe.
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