What kind of drunk are you?
There're many crazy action when you're drunk. what 's yours? Take this quiz to know.
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What do you wear when hang out with your friends?
Clean and tidy
Something that makes me looks so hot. I want people to notice me.
It really doesn’t matter, because I don’t give a damn what people think of me.
Black. All black.
That depends on my mood
Jeans and a t-shirt, or something equally comfortable.
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Choose a word to describe your personality
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What color do you like?
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When you come to party, what the most likely the thing you do first?
Scope out the cutest guy/girl in the room and try to catch their eye.
Head straight for the food
Jump into the dance floor
Head straight over to talk to a group of good friends
Find a corner and just drink
Head straight for the drink
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Do you think you drink well?
Pretty well
Yes, of course
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When you wake up after a night of drinking, how bag are you hangovers?
I don’t suffer them really!
I wake up in a pile of my own stomach content
I feel like death
I just get small headaches. They’re bearable
I feel awful and very moody
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