What kind of demon are you?
This is just a random quiz which I thought of during math... I'm sorry if you don't like it, feedback and things are always welcome. Well, enjoy :)
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Are you afraid of the dark?
Oh hell yeah! Just kidding. I love darkness, it's great.
I have neutral feelings towards it either way.
Never, and even if I was, I'd never admit it.
Nah, come on, give me some credit.
Nah, I suppose darkness isn't all that scary. Of course, it can be freaky, but...
No. Just no. Who do you think I am?! Loser...
Yes, to be honest. Just please, don't go around telling people...
Meh, I'd rather it be light, but guess darkness is good as well.
Not really, but it kind of depends on my situation...
No. N-O! I bet you're the one who is terrified of the dark!!
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If you were to kill somebody, how would you do it (using your super awesome demoic powers, of course ^_^)
I'd poison them. No need to make a huge scene out of it, right? On the other hand...
I'd only have to look at them, my glare would destroy them.
I'd summon a blizzard, and freeze them.
I don't really know, but like, ackstab them, I guess. Yeah, come up behind them with a knife or something, and stab them to death.
I'd tell them to go jump into a river a drown, and if the wouldn't do that willengly, I'd make the river do as I please.
I'm not really up for killing just yet, unless maybe they had to be put down...
I'd do the traditional summoning of a couple of my dark minions and get them to kill the person for me.
I would sufforcate them because... Just because okay?!
I'd create internal bleeding until my victim is- (I think I've heard enough)
I'd make sure to give them a piece of my mind before burning them alive, like they did with 'witches'.
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Do you want to get you result?
Ya bring it on!
... Yes, NOW HURRY THE HELL UP!!! ...
Nooooooooo! I'm just going to close this whole quiz on the flippen last question. Of course I want to see my results.
No, I seriously don't know why I'm wasting my time on this.
Of course, I mean, if it isn't too much of a bother...
Hm, well, yes and no. I mean I don, but I don't, you know what I mean?
Yes please :)
Dude, are you fro real?! Why else would I be doing this, you idiot?
Yep, I do, and I'm getting very impatient here. Could you stop asking pointless questions and just get on with it?
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Do you like pentagrams?
Uh-huh, whatever, I don't care! Okay?!
I have neutral feelings about them, unless the will benifit me.
They are sort of creepy, you know, just a tad.
I've heard that they are dangerous, so yeah, I like 'em!
No, I hate everything. I don't need anything materialstic, such as some stupid pentagram necklace.
Maybee I do, but then again, maybe I don't.
Yup, they're cute.
Yeah, I think they are all right.
I'm sorry, but do you honestly expect me to know what a pentagram is? Just kidding, they're the best.
Hell yeah. Well, they're better than you. COme to think of it, anything and anyone is better than you.
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Where would you live?
Magic Lamp
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