What Kind of Child Are You?
Answer our 9 questions to find out what kind of child you are!
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What kind of TV shows did you like as a kid?
Anything animated and goofy!
Teen coming-of-age shows
Science and history shows
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In grade school where could you be found during recess?
Leading a gang of kids to get up to no good
In the library reading alone
On the jungle gym
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How are you most likely to spend your weekend?
Working on personal projects
Outdoors either hiking or some other physically demanding hobby
Organizing and participating in social gatherings
Going to the movies or a concert
At a museum
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What section in the bookshop do you go to first?
Natural history
Best Sellers
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What is the quality you look for most in a mate?
Follows directions well
In tune with their emotions
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What is your dream job?
Physical Trainer
Own my own business
Tour Guide in a cool city
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Which kind of birthday present would make you the happiest?
A surprise party
A camping trip to the Grand Canyon
Getting passes to take a community class of my choice
A novel signed by my favorite author
Concert tickets to my favorite band
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What was your preferred toy as a child?
Warm clothes
A science kit
Whatever the latest toy was
A journal
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Describe your feelings towards school:
A good learning experiences
It was a chance to visit friends
It sucked
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