What Kind of Child Are You?
Answer our 9 questions to find out what kind of child you are!
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What kind of TV shows did you like as a kid?
Teen coming-of-age shows
Anything animated and goofy!
Science and history shows
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In grade school where could you be found during recess?
Leading a gang of kids to get up to no good
On the jungle gym
In the library reading alone
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How are you most likely to spend your weekend?
Organizing and participating in social gatherings
Working on personal projects
At a museum
Going to the movies or a concert
Outdoors either hiking or some other physically demanding hobby
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What section in the bookshop do you go to first?
Best Sellers
Natural history
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What is the quality you look for most in a mate?
Follows directions well
In tune with their emotions
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What is your dream job?
Physical Trainer
Own my own business
Tour Guide in a cool city
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Which kind of birthday present would make you the happiest?
Getting passes to take a community class of my choice
Concert tickets to my favorite band
A novel signed by my favorite author
A camping trip to the Grand Canyon
A surprise party
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What was your preferred toy as a child?
A science kit
A journal
Warm clothes
Whatever the latest toy was
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Describe your feelings towards school:
It was a chance to visit friends
It sucked
A good learning experiences
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