What Kind Of Angel Are You?
Have you ever wondered what kind of angel you would be? Answer a few short questions to find out!
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Are you career-driven?
A little, but it’s not everything.
Yes, I have goals and I’m on my way.
Not really, I’m more focused on the day-to-day.
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Would a friend ask you to watch their pets?
No, I don’t think they’d trust me with that.
Yes, I would take care of them as if they were my own!
Yes, but I might not be the first choice.
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Do you give money to the homeless on the street?
Yes, when I have cash, I give it.
No, because I don’t know what they’ll do with it.
Sometimes if I feel pulled to do so.
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Which most matches your career?
Healthcare, teacher, social services
Artist, musician, scientist
Business person, administration, computers
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Your best friend is sick and has to cancel plans. What do you do?
Stop by on your way and bring him or her some soup.
Cancel your plans to take care of them as long as they need you.
Tell them to feel better and keep your plans.
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You have a big project that requires you to delegate tasks. How does it go?
I panic and someone else ends up taking over.
I’m great at handing out tasks and empowering people to do their part.
I have a hard time delegating and want to make sure everything is done right.
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When you enter a crowded room, what happens most often?
You skirt the edges of the room, a bit nervous until you find someone you know.
People can’t help but notice you, it’s not your fault it just happens!
You look for a familiar face and join an ongoing conversation with ease.
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You’re volunteering and are given three options for helping, what do you pick?
The not-so-dirty work - Driving around and collecting what’s cut down.
The dirty work - Cutting through brush and undergrowth.
The hands-off work - Making sure everyone has the tools they need, bringing them drinks, etc.
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Are you good at standardized tests?
Yes. Did great on my SATs.
Meh, not particularly.
I’m terrible at them.
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